The Pre-school Education Department

The functions and tasks of the Pre-school Education Department are stipulated in the Decision No. 2077/QD-BGDDT dated 19/6/2017 of the Minister of Education and Training defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the unit assisting the Minister in implementing the state management function under the Ministry of Education and Training, and cited as follows:


Helping the Minister implement state management of preschool education.


1.  Preschool education programs

a) Promulgating the preschool education programs; organizing the appraisal of documents and toys used in preschool education;

b) Guiding the implementation of the contents of preschool education programs, the use of documents and toys; teaching tools and equipment; methods and forms of preschool education institutions;

c) Checking and evaluating the implementation of the programs, the quality of education and universalization of preschool education.

2. Quality assurance of preschool education

a) Coordinating to build, guide, inspect and evaluate the implementation of the regulations on standards to ensure and verify the quality of preschool education;

b) Instructing the fostering of preschool managers and teachers to improve professional capacity.

3. Organization, school activities

a) Promulgating, guiding and examining the implementation of the charters, regulations on organization and operation of preschool institutions;

b) Promulgating, guiding and inspecting the implementation of regulations and standards of preschool education institutions.

4.  Performance of other tasks assigned by the Minister.

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