The Planning and Finance Department

The functions and tasks of the Planning and Finance Department are stipulated in the Decision No. 2077/QD-BGDDT dated 19/6/2017 of the Minister of Education and Training regulating the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the units assisting the Minister in implementing the state management function under the Ministry of Education and Training, and cited as follows:


Helping the Minister implement state management of the work of planning and financial affairs of the Ministry.


1.  Developing, guiding, urge, inspecting and evaluating the implementation of the strategies, planning and plans for education and training development

a) Education and training development strategies;

b) Education sector planning;

c) Long-term, medium-term and annual education and training development plans.

2. Finance and assets

a) Guiding the estimation, sum-up of annual budget revenue and expenditure estimates, and 3-year state budget financial plans of the Ministry; proposing the Ministry's financial allocation plans; allocating funds of the subordinate units of and the units under the Ministry; inspecting the use of the state budget of the Ministry and supervising the allocation and use of budget throughout the sector; reviewing and approving the regular expenditure plans of the attached units; summing up and finalizing the budget of regular expenditures, target program expenditures and annual national target programs expenditures of the Ministry; developing the norms and policies to attract financial resources for development of the sector;

b) Developing and guiding the implementation of the mechanism of collection and use of service prices in the field of education and training, the policies of scholarships from the state budget, preferential credit policies for pupils, students, policy-treated families and other policies for learners;

c) Performing the responsibilities of managing agency in financial management and use of land and properties of the subordinate units of and the units under the Ministry; exercising the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the owner's representative agency for enterprises established under the decisions of the Minister or enterprises managed under the Minister's assignment.

3. Investment

a) Guiding and synthesizing the estimates of medium-term and annual plans on capital construction investment and projects of procurement of equipment for the subordinate units of and the units under the Ministry with all capital sources; announcing and assigning plans of medium and annual investment to projects;

b) Appraising the contents related to approval of investment policies, project approval, adjusting estimates according to regulations and approving contractor selection plans and annual settlement of investment capital;

c) Participating in the development of national strategic partnerships, proposing long-term, medium-term and annual programs and projects with donors; guiding the process, appraisal and management of programs and projects using ODA and concessional loans, projects and non-project aids using assistance of foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) .

4.  Performance of other tasks assigned by the Minister.

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