The Office of the Ministry of Education and Training

The functions and tasks of the Office of the Ministry of Education and Training are stipulated in the Decision No. 2077/QD-BGDDT dated 19/6/2017 of the Minister of Education and Training regulating the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the units assisting the Minister in implementing the state management function under the Ministry of Education and Training, and cited as follows:


Helping the Minister develop and implement the programs, work plans of the Ministry, general work, administration, documenting, archiving, communication, office administration and education statistics.

The office has legal status and stamp, and can open accounts at the State Treasury and Commercial Banks in accordance with the laws.


1. General affairs, secretary to the Ministry's leadership

a) General affairs: building, monitoring, urging, synthesizing, evaluating the results of implementation of programs, work plans, assigned tasks and working regulations of the Ministry; making periodic and irregular reports of the Ministry;

b) Secretary to the Ministry's leadership: making work plans and schedules, and preparing business trips of the Ministry's leaders; coordinating with units to prepare the contents, recording minutes and drafting conclusions of meetings of the Ministry's leaders; reviewing the records submitted to the Ministry's leaders.

2. Administration

a) Managing and organizing the implementation of administrative, clerical and archival work of the Ministry according to regulations; controlling documents before releasing; applying the quality management system according to the national standard TCVN ISO 9001: 2008 in the fields of the state management function of the Ministry;

b) Organizing the modernization of the Ministry's administrative system, including: administrative disciplines and rules; renewing the way and manner of working; modernizing the offices;

c) Printing documents for directing, managing and operating activities of the Ministry; serving conferences and seminars, celebrating holidays, Tet and activities of the Ministry; managing supply of diplomas and certificates.

3. Finance

a) Formulating and organizing the implementation of the assigned annual state budget plan of the Ministry;

b) Instructing, controlling, paying, setting financial revenues and expenditures through the account of the Office.

4.  Office management, assurance of working conditions

a) Managing real estate, working offices; repairing, making capital construction and equipping technical facilities of the Ministry;

b) Ensuring working facilities, travel vehicle, and communication of the Ministry's agencies;

c) Protecting the security, order and safety; ensuring protection against fire; ensuring prevention against natural disasters, storms and floods; assuming the reception, healthcare, landscape care, environmental sanitation at the Ministry office.

5. Communication

a) Developing and implementing the communication plans of the Ministry. Establishing and maintaining work relationships with press agencies and state management agencies on communication and information;

b) Managing and administering the Ministry's electronic information portal, the video conferencing system between the Ministry and bridge points;

c) Building and managing Vietnam Education Tradition House.

6. Education sector statistics

a) Developing statistical indicators for the education sector under the system of national statistical indicators;

b) Collecting and synthesizing statistics of the education sector; making statistical analysis and forecasting;

c) Publishing the education and training statistical yearbooks and statistical publications according to the provisions of laws.

7. Performance of other tasks assigned by the Minister.


The Office has the following subordinate divisions and non-business units:

a) Divisions: Administration Division, General Affairs Division, Finance Division, Administration Division, Statistics Division, Vehicle Team;

b) Subordinate non-business units: Printing workshop, Education Communication Center, Center for Educational Conference, Center for Southern Education and Training Development.

The functions, tasks and organizational structure of these subordinate divisions and non-business units are decided by the Minister at the proposal of the Chief of the Office.

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